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Habitat Improvement

The Siskiyou RCD has a longstanding history of partnering with local landowners to restore and enhance habitat throughout high-priority areas of the Scott River Basin. This work, though often complicated and challenging, provides immediate benefit for fish and wildlife that will lead to long-term, sustainable objectives.  We've applied lessons learned from these valuable opportunities to confidently increase the size and scale of our work, all while creating a diverse partnership base of agency, NGO, and tribal representatives.

Off-channel Ponds: The purpose of Off-channel ponds is to provide thermal refugial habitat for summer rearing and velocity refugial habitat for over-wintering such that the capacity and productivity of tributary habitat is increased.

Large Woody Complexity: Projects are designed to mimic natural stream conditions that produce shelter for rearing salmonids through the use of locally sourced tree trunks, root-wads and brush bundles.

Fish passage improvement: Projects include improvements to road crossings through the installation of a rock ford and improvements to diversions structures through the installation of a series of boulder weirs.

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