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Fisheries Monitoring

Scott River Coho Salmon Spawning Ground Surveys:

Report 2001-2002
Report 2002-2003
Report 2003-2004
Report 2004-2005
Report 2005-2006
Report 2006-2007
Report 2007-2008
Report 2008-2009
Report 2009-2010
Report 2010-2011
Report 2011-2012
Report 2012-2013
Report 2013-2014
Report 2014-2015
Report 2015-2016
Report 2016-2017
2017-2018 not funded
2018-2019 not funded
Report 2019-2020
Report 2020-2021

Scott River Chinook Salmon Spawning Ground Surveys:

Report 2014     Table 1
Report 2015
Report 2016     Appendix A     Appendix B
Report 2017     Appendix A     Appendix B
2018 - Chinook did not enter the Valley
Report 2019
2020 - Chinook did not enter the Valley

CDFW Annual Scott River Salmon Survey Reports:

2015 Scott River Salmon Studies by CDFW
2017  Scott River Salmon Studies by CDFW
2020 Scott River Salmon Studies by CDFW
2021 Scott River Salmon Studies by CDFW

Fish Screen Resources


Archive of previous SRCD Newsletters:




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As a special district of the State of California, the Siskiyou RCD is subject to the California Public Records Act (Government Code 6253 et. seq.).  The following policy identifies the procedures that the District employs in order to respond to requests for records made under the California Public Records Act.

Public Records Request Policy

Per Government code 6270.5, the Siskiyou RCD is required to discloses a list of the systems utilized by the District which contain information collected about the public and/or serve as an original source of data.  

Enterprise System Catalog

Public Notices

Mitigated Negative Declaration for streambank stabilizations at Scott River Mile 42 and 52 - Approved June 2014

   Supplemental Mitigated Negative Declaration - Approved August 2018 (NOD)

         Attachment A. Final Construction Plans

         Attachment B. Revegetation Plan

         Attachment C. Botanical Survey

         Attachment D. Avian Resources Report

         Attachment E. Dewatering Plan and Turbidity Control Measures

Fish Screen
Public Notices
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